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Mentoring at Hamdard

by krusniak November 26, 2012

The kids had fun this week working on a Scratch version of Mad Libs that I found posted in the ScratchEd resources.  While I like to create the projects myself some weeks, it’s interesting to see what other educators create/post other weeks when I don’t have time to make a new project and the accompanying handouts.  There are a lot of really fun and practical materials on ScratchEd that I would not have thought of and that use the operations we talk about in slightly different and creative ways.  After creating the basic module, the kids experimented with different question/answer combinations and characters/backgrounds to enhance the stories.  As usual, they’re most excited about the 15min free-time they get at the end of our evening sessions, but I have to say I’m impressed that they still are so enthusiastic and personable at 5:30pm after long days already filled with school and homework.  My one concern right now is that the females at the start of class seem to go missing after the first several classes.  It happened this summer too.  I’m not sure if they lose interest or get busy with something else.  And there’s only 1-2 at a time anyway, so it’s not much to start.  In any case, I’ve been leaving behind handouts for other kids at Hamdard to use if interested and they always disappear.  So I hope a few of the many girls I see around the center are finding these.  I was thinking to also try some new tactics for increasing interest for girls and all the children by leaving other informative handouts and trying other kids programming systems like Alice, Mozilla Thimble, etc.  Seems a lot of the kids are being introduced to Scratch in school, so maybe some kids are just leaving the workshop because they don’t feel like they’re learning anything new.