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The Clean Up

by guscheco November 30, 2012


Today was a cleanup day. After scrambling to get our robot working and taking it to a friends’ house to finish, we have parts everywhere that needed to be organized and a mech room that was a mess. It was a relatively quiet day as the competition had passed and while we did OK, the feeling of wanting more was in the air. We cleaned and moved stuff around for about an hour. No one in a particular kind of rush to get things done. 

I was only until about 445 and after a few people had gone home early that I wanted to try to drive the girl’s robot. So after the girls fixed the strings so that the lift would work, I began to drive the robot. Immediately I saw the limits and faults of the driving. Having to manually stop after every command was a pain. 

Eric saw this and took a look at the code. After a little bit of tweaking, we were off and running. 


Everyone was so happy that it was working. I later shared the video in an email thread and everyone was ecstatic. The girls robot worked and it worked rather well. Even though the girls didn’t do as well in the competition, they built a really good robot. They should be proud of that.

- Gus