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The Set Up

by guscheco November 30, 2012


Today was a very fun day. We had to set up for Saturday’s Robotics Workshop. Around 40 kids for grades 6-8 were coming to Northside to work with our robotics in order to learn about Computer Programming and Robotics. Everything was being organized and run by the Robotics Teams/Colloquium Class. What we had to do was assemble about 20 robots for the kids to use on Saturday. 

We are using the Lego Mindstorms and got about 20 kits ready to assemble. We spent about an hour assembling them. We each did about 2 robots. It was find to play with Legos again as I haven’t used them in a long time. The first robot car was fun to assemble but as I got to doing the second assembly that feeling seemed to go away. =D I helped some of the other students as some of the pieces were misused due to their similar shape.

We finished the robots and began to take apart our demo field in order to move them to the gym. A simple day of preparing for the workshop tomorrow. Many of the students were excited and anxious for Saturday.