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In Which I Take Heart, Land is Within My Sights

by wakawaka-assbutt December 5, 2012

I can’t believe this semester is pretty much over, but at the same time it’s fine by me because I’m finally at that point where everything’s hilarious anyway.


This week (12/7) will be my last visit to St. Viator’s to make sure my students’ projects are completed to my satisfaction and then turned in to computer teacher. The end is so close at hand, I can almost taste it.

Last week (11/30), I suddenly encountered 9,032,745 roadblocks. Well I certainly exaggerate, but it did feel like that everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong for both the 3rd and 6th grade classes. There were technical issues with the school network, so some students’ files were gone completely, amd they basically had to start from scratch because there really wasn’t any hope of recovery. Other students just couldn’t remember what they had named their files, so they needed to be found manually. I had thought at this point mostly everyone would have some semblance of a story completed, but it didn’t really turn out that way, so I ended up sitting down with the teacher before class started and nailing out some Scratch commands I definitely wanted to see met:

  1. Movement
  2. Talking/Dialogue
  3. A background other than blank white
  4. Minimum of two characters
  5. Minimum of one sound effect

I figured those five things pretty much covered everything I’ve tried to teach them the last two weeks. This week is the last chance they’ll have to wrap up what they have and submit it. After some thought, I also decided to nix having the students present their projects. They’ve pretty much demonstrated to me that they don’t work well as a class, and that their time would be better spent finishing what they have and just turning it in.

The kindergartners were fortunately a little easier to handle. At some point before the holiday break the teacher found a few new educational apps centered around spelling and some basic mathematical operations, like addition and subtraction, and the students were definitely more excited to work on the iPads that week than they’ve been in the previous weeks.

Overall, I think I’m happy that this is my last week. This project is winding down to its natural demise, and I’ve done everything I can possibly do and then some for this Scratch project, and I can’t really ask anymore of myself no matter the outcome.


Ending transmission, 

Alexandra Nine