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The Workshop and The End

by guscheco December 7, 2012


The workshop was here! Everyone worked hard in order to get everything prepared for the event and we were about to have close to 40 middle school students coming by. I arrived around 1:15pm to everyone getting things ready for imminent arrival of the students. 

I began to help by setting up the many tables of the stations for the kids to work on. Everyone was contributing in some way for the set up. Mr. Solin, Abril, and Safia were in charge of the event. We were setting up large sheets of paper for a field in order for the kids to maneuver through a maze. 

We had all the robots built from the day before and were going to work with the students to show how to program a robot to move and use its many sensors. 

As soon as we were finishing up setting up the stations with robots and computers, Parents and students started to arrive. 

We were almost ready as people started coming in. We saw that we needed chairs for the parents so I went out and started getting chair carts from the hallway.

Alas we were ready for our workshop.



Mr. Solin was the first to speak to the students of what we were going to do. We were going to have them work with one of the Robotics students in groups of 3 or less. We were going to teach them how to program the robot to move and help them learn how to make more complex movements. He talked a little about the competition the team was in and demonstration the movement of the robot.

The girls really took over the workshop once Mr. Solin was finished with his talk. All the students got assigned a station and began to work on the robot. Everyone soon began making the robot move. 

I was going around making sure that everyone’s station was working properly and to see if anyone needed help. 

We soon setup a projector in order to show how to setup the program.

Everything was going very well and since the parents were just sitting around I thought that they would enjoy driving the team’s robot. A few of the parents drove it around and were really engaged. 

All the teams began to make use of the sensors available and the students were really interested in making the robots move around. 

Today was a very successful day overall. Everyone was having a good time and everything went well. Everyone did an incredible job.

- Gus


While officially today would be my last day, I had informed Mr. Solin that I would be around in the future when I could to help out. We spent the day cleaning out the mech room in order to prepare for the next competition. We cleaned the playing field, the floors, and organized all of our tools and screws. Everyone helped out and it was just a uneventful day of preparation.