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In Which The Ring is Cast Into Mount Doom

by wakawaka-assbutt December 12, 2012

Last Friday (12/7) marked my last day at St. Viator Elementary. Overall it was a bittersweet day; while I’m happy that the project reached its natural conclusion, I think I might actually miss my students, despite all the grief they gave me.

It was a relatively quiet day. I had the third and sixth graders wrap up their Scratch projects and submit them as is. My supervisor wants to learn more about Scratch so at some point I’ll send him my lectures to hopefully cut down on his research time.

The iPads for the kindergartners had some new games on them that dealt primarily with spelling, which they really enjoyed. I think though they only really liked it though because every three words they got to pick a part of a rocket ship and then put it together and make it fly. 

Even if the students only liked me because I broke the monotony, I’m glad I was able to make a project of this magnitude come together, despite the bumps along the way. 

Ending transmission for the last time,

Alexandra Nine