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3rd Saturday of comp Class

by jherreraluc February 20, 2013

This Saturday was very exciting because we actually started looking at how to write into the computer. we began by looking at notepad, and then at wordpad. I asked the ladies to give me some differences between the two and they right away noticed them so once they saw the differences we began exploring wordpad. We had a great time using wordpad because the ladies played around with the font and the different tools wordpad provides. Before they actually started palying around I guided them through each font tool and other tools so they would know what they were for and so then  I let them play around. They were all excited, specially one lady because she said she can now help her daughter with her science fair project decoration since now she knows how to play around with the font and colors. we stayed till 11:30 am. since we are actually at a neighborhood park we can only stay till 11am but the park manager doesnt mind if we stay a little over. This upcoming Saturday we are going to be looking at microsoft word and looking at the differences between notepad, wordpad, and word. I will actually assign their first assignment which will be due march 16, 2013. I am very excited to see their work and see them use what they have learned . I truly am happy for giving this class. These ladies are learning a lot and I am having fun teaching them. One lady,because of this class actually bought her kids their first computer and now is excited that she is learning how to use it. I have helped her create each one of her kids (3 of them )their own user account and putting parental control. I created the first user account and she did the other two. :  ) Excited for the next class.